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Chanda Komatsu, Attorney:

Actively licensed to practice law in Minnesota, Chanda established her Solo Law Firm following a personal experience with the stress and heartache caused by a family member’s lack of pre-planning before a major health event, despite years of advice otherwise. She paired that with her growing knowledge of stories in the news or from friends and colleagues about their experiences with young families and aging parents, about family rifts, health scares and unexpected tragedies, and about substantial family financial losses. Recognizing a pattern of how these negatives could easily be avoided if the correct documents are in place, Chanda decided she wanted to help. The situation highlighted the urgent need and utmost importance that families prepare by establishing planning documents for both aging relatives as well as for protection of younger generations – including such basic items as Healthcare Directives, Power of Attorney, Custody and Guardianship documents for Minor/Special Needs Children, and family Wills and Trusts. This felt like a true calling for Chanda, who has a passion for helping families, especially those involving children. In addition, this particular subject lends perfectly to her talent for listening, thoroughness, and attention to detail.

Chanda received her law degree from the University of Illinois College of Law in Champaign-Urbana, IL, after first achieving her Bachelor of Sciences degree in International Business from Illinois State University in Normal-Bloomington, IL. Her legal background started with the Illinois States Attorney’s office as a Criminal Prosecutor, with various corporate positions following that, until she took a break to raise her family. Chanda has called Minnesota her home since 2005. She actively consults with fellow attorneys and regularly participates in Estate Planning conferences, seminars and courses to remain current and knowledgeable about any changes in the law.

So… Food for Thought…

When is it time to start opening “the Conversation” with aging relatives, or with those experiencing health concerns? When is it time to imagine and plan for your family’s lives if something prevents you from being present, whether by health issues, incapacity, or death? When is it time to protect your family’s hard earned wealth? The time is NOW! It might not be your favorite topic to think about. It might not be your first choice of things to discuss with your family or relatives. But, to twist an old idiom, “an ounce of planning is worth a pound of unnecessary mess and heartache” for your loved ones. And one of the best reasons for planning ahead? You continue to have your wishes understood and heard at a time where that might otherwise be impossible, either temporarily or permanently. So, there is no better time than the present…

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